Land Transport

Land Transport

Log In Shipping and Logistics Ltd provides land transport services guided by principles of smart logistics. Our solutions are suitable for importers and exporters the world over – and we operate and maintain the required partnerships in order to back you up. Furthermore, Log In’s branches are located at every seaport and airport in Israel, thus quickly and safely taking care of cargo transportation from its origin to its destination.

Advanced Logistics Services

We provide smart logistics services which are tailor-made to your needs. At Log In Shipping and Logistics Ltd you’ll find a variety of advanced services which include:

  • Storage in containers
  • Overland storage space
  • Domestic transportation
  • Disassembling plants
  • Packing and unloading services
  • Containers for different purposes

Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive service package and assist you in attaining your goals – and we are certain that we can meet your requirements and expectations.

The Advantages of Land Transport Through Log In Shipping and Logistics Ltd

Our company fully understands the needs of exporters and importers who participate in international commerce. Over the years we have gained significant experience in allocating transportation services for customers of all sizes – and we have the appropriate tools for accompanying you via sea, air, and land. Understanding the security circumstances in Israel, we regard our domestic transportation services as required, making sure they are in full accordance with your needs.

Tailor-Made Services Save You Time and Money

When transportation and logistics services are being tailor-made just for you, reducing costs and saving time do integrate. As part of our service, we will assign a skillful representative who will explain how to choose between different transportation solutions and the right manner in which to store your equipment and products. If needed, we can even pack hazardous waste for you and transport it according to the strictest safety standards.

Which Land Transport Solution Is Right for You?

Land transport solutions are based on trucks and trains. However, there is a difference between how the advantages of using trains and the characteristics of using trucks. Trucks are considered an accessible and more dynamic form of transportation, while trains are limited due to existing infrastructure. In that aspect, Israel isn’t different than any other country; in comparison with sea and air transportation, land transport is unique.

Land Transport Services That Maintains Your Reputation

Significant experiences teach us just how much can a correct choice of transportation and logistics solutions affect your image. If you wish to export or import products – you must find an appropriate logistical system – and we will be happy to assist: our professionals understand the importance of our transportation services for your reputation and we will do everything so that your containers are not delayed. Moreover, at our service are storage containers that will keep your equipment safe until it’s transported, as well as professional staff members who specialize in delivering goods and packages to the customer’s doorstep.

Strengthening Your Supply Chain

Naturally, a supply chain is composed of many different links. Every link influences the chain’s strength and cohesion, but the main priority of your supply chain should be transportation and logistics. In this sense, land transport represents the link that will determine whether or not your supply chain can meet your goals and targets. Upgrading the transportation link can strengthen your supply chain and compete with other international exporters and importers. This is where we step in – and we would be happy to add you to our long list of satisfied customers.

Transportation Services for All Types of Cargo

Centralizing a wide variety of logistic solutions under one roof enables us to offer transportation solutions for all types of cargo. First, we transport regular cargo, hazardous cargo, security cargo, and exceptional cargo. Second, our customs clearance staff members are already waiting for your cargo at the seaports and airports. And finally, we will keep you updated in real time regarding the transport itself – and make sure that it will be carried out in the best possible manner.

Log In Shipping and Logistics Ltd’s representatives are waiting for your inquiry – and will be happy to assist you in scheduling overland transportation services.

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