About Log In Shipping and Logistics

About Log In Shipping and Logistics

Log In Shipping and Logistics Ltd was founded in order to provide a large variety of shipping and logistics solutions – and to accompany customers, companies, and organizations in everything related to international shipping. Our goal is to make all the shipping and logistics services available under one roof. As a result, we employ staff members who specialize in shipping, transportation, and international commerce, while designating an exclusive department for handling customs clearance. With us, your shipment is always in good hands – from packaging to destination – and our professionals are available for taking care of any issue in real time.

How Can We Help?

Along the way, we have used the wide experience which we gained in the fields of shipping and logistics, in order to develop contacts and partnerships — and today we have branches in all every seaport and airport in Israel.

Whilst doing so, Log In Shipping and Logistics Ltd. is proud to provide you with a large variety of services that will make your activity in the international commerce world easier:

  1. Sea and Air Freight Forwarding – together, we will choose the most suitable transportation method. With our help, it will be easier for you to decide between freight forwarding via air or sea and to find the transportation solution that suits your budget and other considerations.
  2. Inland Transportation in Israel and Abroad – as far as we are concerned, the task ends only once your shipment has arrived at its destination. That is why our array of services also includes inland transportation services – both in Israel and abroad – while relying on the most advanced tools for carrying out the task.
  3. Storage Facilities – our representatives will be happy to you with storage solutions that are tailor-made for your products, both before and after they arrive at their destination. Our storage facilities are of the highest level and under constant supervision.
  4. LCL Cargo Delivery – We unify LCL cargoes with other shipments, in order to save you unnecessary costs.
  5. Cargo Insurance – we will insure your cargo at the best possible rate. This way we will ensure that you will have compensation in case of loss or unexpected malfunctions.
  6. ISO Tanks – specializing in the transportation of liquids and bulks enables us to also offer treatment of food and special chemicals.

Tailor-Made to Your Needs

Our working methodologies place your needs at the top of our priorities. We make sure to create a full match between our shipping services and your demands – and we are committed to creativity, availability and personal attention of the highest standard. Our representatives will be happy to provide you with more details!

“It is the function of creative man to perceive and to connect the seemingly unconnected”.
– William Plomer

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