Our business partners make Log In Shipping and Logistics Ltd's international delivery system such an advanced one - saving you time and additional resources. Each of our partners has been meticulously selected to help us add you to our long list of satisfied customers.


The WCA is considered the biggest and strongest network in the realm of independent freight forwarders. Nowadays, WCA has over 5,532 offices in 189 countries and we are proud of our cooperation with it, which enables us and the WCA to form an improved international delivery system and to significantly increase our market share with each year that passes. At the same time, we are learning from WCA’s proven experience and are proud to accompany it in various projects related to air and sea freight forwarding.

WCA World Dangerous Network

The team at WCA World, formerly DGLA, specializes in handling, storing and transportation of hazardous waste. These services require a unique combination of knowledge, facilities, and equipment -- and we are happy to take part in pushing this field forward. With 116 offices in 35 countries, WCA World Dangerous Network is an ideal business partner that serves your interests, as well as ours. In addition, this company has exclusive resources for handling dangerous goods and meets the strictest standards.


WPA (World Partnership Association) is an independent company that professionally manages a global network of transporters and logistics solutions providers. Our cooperation with WPA is meant to expand the toolbox we have at our disposal - and we are also happy to provide them access to the Israeli market. Alongside logistics services, this worldwide partnership includes specializing in freight forwarding via air and sea, as well as provides niche services related to international commerce. Our representatives are waiting for your inquiry to be able to coordinate the service for you as soon as possible.

Conqueror Freight Network

Conqueror Freight Network (CQR) helps us reduce costs and risks for you. The network specializes in independent freight forwarding and employs well-known agents with vast experience. This enables us to route your cargo so that it reaches its destination safely and in the shortest amount of time possible. Moreover, our partnership with Conqueror Freight Network has been proving itself in various aspects and can help to customize your international commerce efforts as well.

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