Personal Effects

Personal Effects

The ability to effectively and safely transport personal belongings, and to also be able to make it worthwhile, is a source of pride for us at Log In Shipping and Logistics Ltd. For decades we have been honored to take part in international shipping and to watch it develop. As such, we have a proven ability to successfully participate in complex projects, including transporting a wide variety of goods of different types – and we have gained the necessary experience to handle your personal effects.

The Most Important Things Are Those You Deem Personal

In everything that relates to handling your personal effects, we know just how big the responsibility that rests on our shoulders is. As a result, our representatives undergo special training that is adapted towards individuals. As part of their training, we make sure that it will be clear to each of our representatives just how much your personal effects mean to you — and that your belongings deserve professional handling of the highest standard. Our first interest is to take care of your belongings and to make sure they will quickly and successfully reach their destination.

Shipping with Us Is Worth It

Throughout the entire course of our activity, we have proven our ability to handle sensitive, personal and private effects. We provide a real alternative to the institutional shipping solutions and we would be happy to put together a personalized price quote for you. Wherever the destination is – Log In Shipping and Logistics Ltd’s representatives will be there to make sure your belongings reach it.

45 Years of Experience at Your Service

Log In Shipping and Logistics Ltd has over 45 years in transporting, shipping and handling personal effects and household goods. We have been providing these services even before the internet has invaded our lives and before the world has become a global village. We would be happy to make the experience we have gained available to you – and to add you to our long and exclusive list of satisfied customers.

Your Effects Are Personal – and so Is Its Packaging

Proof of the importance we ascribe to your personal effects can also be noticed, among other aspects, in our packaging services. We do not simply make do with a technical transportation of your belongings — we also make sure to pack them for you in such a manner that will protect them. For us, packaging is an integral part of our services, because we know that nothing can replace your satisfaction. We would like to make it easier for you to feel safe – and that your goods will be packaged in a way that keeps them safe during transport via both sea and air.

Deliveries to Different Locations All over the World

Partnerships with commercial institutions enable our company to deliver your personal packages to different locations all over the world. That way, you can receive an international service but only need to deal with Log In Shipping and Logistics Ltd. Our team will be by your side during the measuring stage, pack every personal belonging with utmost attention and if need be – present you with the necessary approvals.

Save Time and Money with Our Expertise

Aside from the peace of mind that comes with getting shipping services of personal effects from Log In Shipping and Logistics Ltd, we would also be happy to save you time and money. Saving time derives naturally from our efficiency and from the high standards that we have set in the field of international shipping. Following these standards, we also expedite your shipment and keep common worries that usually accompany the transportation of personal effects away from you. With our assistance, your belongings will reach their destination under control and supervision, while being monitored throughout the entire process.

When It Comes to Physical Handling of your Personal Effects – There’s No Room for Compromise

Private individuals who would like to transport personal effects represent our most important target audience. We understand that people are not supposed to compromise on the safety and privacy of their items, and we find this attitude justified. As a result, we provide you with a wide-ranging team of representatives and service providers. Our staff will be at your service with answers to all your questions — and will solve any issue for you. You can get an impression of the various shipping projects that we were a part of right now.

Want to ship your personal effects and not sure where to start? You have come to the right place. Log In Shipping and Logistics Ltd’s representatives provide the perfect logistic solution that is tailor-made for you – and comes from the heart.

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