International Shipping

International Shipping

Log In Shipping and Logistics Ltd can accompany you in the changing world of international freight forwarding and logistics solutions. We regard the service that we provide as an uncompromising professional calling – and we would be happy to add you to our long list of satisfied customers. We provide you with a unique combination of personal services, a high level of professionalism and the best safety equipment. Our professionals will make sure your shipment will reach its destination quickly and efficiently – and we will make our proven experience available to you at every step of the way.

Our Logistic Solutions is Where Your Advantage Begins

Our representatives will be happy to lay out tailor-made logistics solutions for you. We understand just how much international shipping is an important aspect at present times – and we have the required tools and experience to meet your standards. Furthermore, it is clear to us that your advantage over the competition begins with the right logistic solutions – and we will do everything to make sure that you are satisfied.

A Network of Agents That Are Working for You

Our international shipping services are the competitive advantage you have been waiting for in order to gain prominence in the global village. We provide you with the right solutions starting with choosing the correct containers – and up to unloading your cargo at its destination, while operating a global network of agents that work for your interests.

With our global network of agents, your cargo is in good hands, while we are committed to a fair and competitive price.

What Do the International Shipping Services Include?

Log In Shipping and Logistics Ltd’s international shipping services provide you with access to all the logistics solutions that you require:

  • FCL containers
  • LCL shipments
  • Refrigerated Containers
  • Project Shipments
  • Survey Services
  • Cargo Insurance
  • ISO Tanks

International Freight Forwarding That Puts Your Needs in the Center

Log In Shipping and Logistics Ltd was founded in 2010 based on a deep understanding of how important shipping is to our customers. From the very beginning, we have been utilizing many resources in order to provide a variety of services in the field of shipping, logistics, and international commerce. As a result, we are proud to lead the field of shipping – and in this aspect, we can assist you in marching forward as well.

Tailor-Made Transport via Air and Sea

We are committed to providing every customer a high level of service given the special characteristics of cargo transport via air and sea. This is a sensitive service in which many different factors are involved and with our assistance, your shipment is in the best hands and under supervision. In addition, we can come up with the creative solutions which are required for solving problems in real time without it delaying your project. Shipping cargo with Log In Shipping and Logistics Ltd includes an immediate response to every request – and our team already awaits yours.

In International Shipping – You Don’t Get a Second Chance

First impressions are an integral part of the shipping and logistics sector in the 21st century. Today you no longer have a second chance to make a first impression since the competition is so harsh — and your competitors come from every part of the world. However, the good news is that we have a proven solution: shipping and logistics services that are effectively tailor-made for you.

Shipping Times Determine Your Reputation

Practically speaking, the timing of our shipping services is sensitive, since it determines your reputation. Customers who get their shipment on time have a reason to be more confident when making more orders in the future. Therefore, it pays off for you to invest in a high level of shipping services and to produce added value out of it. That is why choosing us for shipping and logistics solutions is not simply an added cost to your project – but a worthwhile investment.

Cargo Insurance via Log in Shipping and Logistics Ltd

Your shipment being in good hands and under a comprehensive insurance policy is of great importance to you, and that is obvious to us. Based on these requirements, we also provide cargo insurance options. Cargo insurance via Log In Shipping and Logistics Ltd saves you unnecessary costs. Additionally, our representatives can provide you with details as to how the premium is set and in what manner is the shipping performed in practice.

Want to ship internationally? Log In Shipping and Logistics Ltd’s representatives are at your service!

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