ISO Tanks

Log In Shipping and Logistics Ltd specializes in the transportation of bulk liquids, including handling foodstuff and specialty chemicals. We utilize ISO Tanks of the highest standards, making sure that every container reaches its destination quickly and safely — and providing you with a one-stop-shop for a wide variety of logistics solutions.

What Depicts Our Service?

We at Log In Shipping and Logistics Ltd cooperate with various international logistics companies in order to save you time, effort and costs. These partnerships enable us to meet deadlines and offer you better rates. From a practical aspect, our partnerships include continuous dealings with renters and operators of ISO Tanks, as well as complementary services for handling liquids including trucking, storage booking, and transporting and managing ISO Tanks. Moreover, our services are provided door to door and our target audience includes both international shippers as well as private individuals.

Appropriate Logistic Solutions for the 21st Century

Company agents, marketers and international distributors turn to our representatives in order to obtain effective and advanced logistic solutions. We provide full services to Israeli container operators and offer a comfortable and cost-effective solution for the transportation of bulk liquid products – based on using flexible ISO Tanks that enable us to reduce the cost of the product.

An Abundance of Factors to Reduced Product Costs

Reduction in product costs results from using packaging means that were not available in the past. In practice, there is no more need to bear certain expenses that have weighed heavily on the costs of the shipment – when naturally, the ecological solution we offer for ISO Tanks meets a strict international standard and we are proud to lead the turning of this field into a much more environmentally friendly one.

All the Required Local Approvals

Our Company is registered at the Israeli Customs agency as an official operator of ISO Tanks. We make sure to fulfill all the safety and environmental standards of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and we have gained proven experience in handling sensitive and delicate projects. Furthermore, since Log In Shipping and Logistics Ltd is an experienced company that has been around for quite some time, we have all the local approvals required for the transportation of hazardous materials. In this manner, we arrange all the required aspects for handling your packages in advance – and protect your shipment from breaching standards and regulations.

Safety First

While handling ISO Tanks, we meticulously take care of safety issues. We ensure a high safety level with extensive quality control measures, assigning excellent professionals and by relying on modern machinery. In addition, we make sure to keep up-to-date on the standards of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in order to prevent a situation in which your packages will be unnecessarily delayed. If you have any questions about safety issues, our representatives will be happy to provide you with a full and transparent answer to each question.

Special Care of Your Materials

Since we are dealing with bulk liquids, handling ISO Tanks demands meeting the strictest standards of quality control. Likewise, there are cases in which the transportation of liquids refers to hazardous waste. This type of materials must be handled methodically from the moment it is put into the tank and until it is loaded off at its destination. Therefore, the transportation of bulk liquids requires specialized means and expertise — and cannot be accomplished via regular international shipping methods.

International Shipping Has Only One Home

International shipping of ISO Tanks is very frequently performed in light of various providers being mutually dependent. If you would like to join the existing system of shipping, there is only one home that will provide you with the best and most comprehensive shipping solution. We at Log In Shipping and Logistics Ltd will accompany you throughout the entire process and, if needed, team you up with a professional consultant, who will generate your tailor-made and profitable shipping plan – and will make sure it meets all necessary safety standards. Finally, our ecological and cost-effective solution will save you time and money.

Our representatives await your inquiry so that we could allocate your ISO Tanks for a successful, fast and safe shipping.

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