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ISO Tank services

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Log In Shipping and Logistics is a professional tank container logistics company in Israel that specializes in the transportation of bulk liquids, including specialty chemicals, liquid and foodstuff.
Through our partnership with major international tank container operators, lessors and flexi tank operators, Log In Shipping and Logistics offers total liquids logistics services including trucking, space booking, forwarding and management of ISO tanks and flexi tanks on a door to door basis both internationally and domestically.
Log In Shipping and Logistics provide full services for tanks operators in Israel as an handling agents .
We offer a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for transportation of bulk liquid products in tank containers and flexi tanks that allows to reduce the cost of product by eliminating use of package, product’s filling, discharging and package utilization costs, that meets strict international ecological standards.
Log In Shipping and Logistics is registered at the Israeli customs as an official ISO tank operator and fulfill the safety and environmental standard of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and comply with all local, approvals required for the transportation of hazardous materials.