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Israel Ports

Israel Ports

Israel Ports Development & Assets Company

Israel Ports Development & Assets Company Ltd. (IPC) is responsible for the development of Israel’s three commercial seaports in Haifa,
Ashdod and Eilat, and for providing the necessary infrastructure which will allow the ports to efficiently and competitively handle Israel’s international maritime trade. In addition to managing some of the country’s largest infrastructure development projects, the company acts as Israel’s port property landlord, managing the government’s assets allocated for the facilitation of its international maritime commerce. The Company's financial stability is reflected by its AAA rating.
As an arm of the State, the IPC carries out its mission placing great weight on the nation’s priority to develop modern, competitive and
efficient ports that would facilitate economic growth. The ambitious development program promoted by the company will position Israel’s ports among the best in the Mediterranean and will change the face of Israel’s port industry.

Investing in the Present – Looking to the Future
Israel’s seaports handle 98% of the country’s import and export cargo. Despite the global economic crisis, the Israeli economy remains strong and all indications point to continued growth in international trade and, by extension, port traffic. Container traffic is expected to climb from 2 to over 6 million TEU by 2030. The development of port infrastructure to handle this growth is critical to the nation’s continuing economic success. The IPC faces the enormous challenge of providing the infrastructure required to handle the forecasted traffic. In order to meet that challenge, it has prepared a strategic port development master plan.
In parallel to the development of the seaport's physical infrastructure, the IPC has been analyzing impediments to the smooth flow of Israel's international trade and is active in promoting other solutions that will improve the nation’s trade competitiveness, especially in regard to the logistics and supply chain.

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